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Posting the teacher assignments at the school would be chaotic with the families going there to find out who has what teacher. On the other hand, it would be nice to see who else has that teacher. Definately something to consider...

Marie Schaefers

In the past, Brooks Teacher assignment lists were posted on the front door and it was CHAOTIC. In my opinion the mailing is a much better system! Additionally, based on my experience with the mailing system, once Teacher assignments are released students use the telephone to find out who their friends new Teachers are. Please consider keeping the system as is. Thank You.


I didn't have a child in Brooks when teacher assignments were posted outside the classroom, but can only imagine what a confused, chaotic mess that would be. Nearly seven hundred kids with an adult in tow (and likely smaller siblings as well) traipsing through the halls from room to room, gathering outside the doorway of a classroom trying to get a peak at a list of names in 12 pt font -- what a frustrating, miserable scene. Please continue to mail teacher notifications. Is the cost of postage driving this idea? If yes, can you explore electronic methods to convey this information?


I like getting the teacher assignment in the mail. It would be nice if there would ALSO be a class list posted on the front doors. That way everyone finds out right away which teacher they have, but can go anytime in the next several days to see who else is in their class. So, would it be a big deal to do both?


Perhaps you could post the teacher notifications on multiple sets of outer doors on the school AND on the Brooks website so the chaos is lessened. It would be cheaper than mailing and we could see the whole class too. By posting physically and electronically, both parents with and without computer access are accomodated.


I think the mail option is the best option for informing parents, and students, of their teacher assignments. I like the idea of having it both posted and mailed. If only one can be done, than definately mailing it is better.


I think that the letter is needed to convey all of the specifics about school and should still include the teachers name, but posting would also be nice so that the children can see who their classmates are without a lot of phone calls. I remember as a child the excitement of waiting for the lists to be posted.

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