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Thanks for the clarification. I do not have girls so I understand where you are coming from. I did misunderstand the meaning behind the sport named days. I was under the impression it was a fun way to know what you were doing on Mondays (Bears) Tuesdays (Blackhawks) etc. I think this rotation will work out well once the initial shock of a new routine wears off.


I think this rotation is a great idea! For years the kids have been missing a lot of Monday and Friday specials. I only hope that it's not too confusing. My kids usually would be sure to wear gym shoes to school on gym days and now I'll either have to try to keep up with the calendar or keep a pair at school - no big deal, it's well worth it! Thanks.


Great idea to have a way to not have the same specials being missed. Coming from a family who loves sports, Go Chicago!

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