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Louise Ferst

Thanks for the prompt, orderly, and thoughtful way you have implemented this move.

Brad Robinson

I would like to offer my great thanks to the District and to Dr. Jacobsen for their swift, decisive response to this unfortunate situation. Hawthorne is a great school with great faculty and staff. Their reaction to this issue further strengthens my confidence in them.

I would like to see someone – perhaps the Helena Education Foundation – set up a fund to which parents and others can contribute towards remedying the structural issues that currently exist. Whether the fund raises $1,000 or $100,000 is not the main point. The main point is that we as parents and community members should be able to support our local schools in a time of crisis if we are willing and to the degree that we are able.

I am very happy that the district has a building capable of housing, en masse and virtually uninterrupted, the entire student body. Having the entire school together makes the move easier to bear regardless of the length of time it takes to revamp the existing structure.

Irrespective of where the school is temporarily housed, the vision is both relevant and evident – Strong Minds and Gentle Hearts. Dr. Jacobsen, and the parents and students were in great spirits yesterday – Sunday – at the open house at Ray Bjork.

It has been said that the measure of a person can be determined by their response to adversity and their ability to persevere: I am impressed with the measure of those with whom I have had contact at Hawthorne – the staff, the students, and the parents.

Thanks to Dr. Deb, the Faculty, Staff, Parents and Students!


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