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Dave Sherman

I have been struggling with ways to encourage parents to visit my blog first, and then, if I am lucky, to leave a comment. Here is one way that has worked for me:
I used a digital camera to record a couple of songs from the grade-level concert that all the parents attended. Then, I posted the video on YouTube. Next, I posted the video link on my blog so parents could click on it and go directly to the video of their kids singing. Finally, I sent a mass email to all of the parents telling them about the video from the concert, and providing them with the link to my blog.

Almost all of them went to my blog! (I saw a huge spike in my stat counter). They loved the video, and they have been sending the link to relatives out of state. The secondary effect of this was that many of the parents started to explore the other posts on my blog, and they started leaving comments. Here is the link to one of my video posts so you get the idea that you don't have to be Steven Spielberg for this to be effective!
Good luck, and enjoy the conference. I wish I were there, too!
- Dave

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