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Parent of a 5th Grader

The fact that the kids did the projects by themselves this year was very apparent... and a welcome change from previous years. When in 2006, my child showed up with the project she completed on her own, little did she know she would be competing with some interior designers, engineers and achitects for the attention of the attending crowd.

Concerning the opportunity to speak in public, the current format makes it impossible to hear what the kids are saying. Perhaps they should be working in teams and be given more room for their presentation?

Kevin & Danita Bergrud

The event was so well organized and the kids projects were wonderful. I like that they did it all in school and not at home. This way - it's only their work and not their parents and they can be so much prouder of themselves. The singing brought it all together and was so beautiful the patriotic songs actually brought tears to my eyes. I was working the book sale but made it in there at appropriate times to see Sarah doing her thing. Thanks to Jean and Mr. Stedman for letting me off register duty for a little bit. As for the event as a whole - Way to go Owen Staff!! You are ALWAYS the best.

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