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Kevin & Danita Bergrud

Yes, change, for the right reason, at the right time is good. Who can dispute it when good things happen? We feel it is very important for the parents to be involved in some issues however. Do we not know what is best for our kids? But telling the kindergartners that they are "not allowed to play with each other" as they wait for the doors to be opened is simply absurd.

We are still not happy with the fact that parents were misled last year and from what we have seen - still have not been told the truth and we're not happy with how and your boss responded to it. THIS is certainly not what we are looking for in the future. Give parents accurate information and the right things will happen.

Also in the future - Like from today on - we would appreciate having our inquiries replied to. Communicating with you thru your blog or via the newspapers is also absurd. Neither you, Jason, nor the PTA president are responding to any of our emails or even certified letters (though the one to the PTA president was actually REFUSED), and this needs to be changed. Putting things in writing is not an issue for us -and for those honest in their dealings - shouldn't be an issue for them either. It is your responsibility to communicate with your "stakeholders" as the district calls us. You do need to be accountable to the parents of the children at Owen so we wait...

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