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What about planning a team building challenge within your event for staff, parents, community etc. Could be fun? Could be important for students to see?

Radha Shankar

All of us remember about Virginia Tech incident. Ever since, it has always been in my mind , that some kids need extra attention/time from someone so that they can become a better person and do not become a threat to the soceity.
I feel that by ignoring that one kid(the video posted in our school site about bullying explains this very well), all of us pay the price. If some event can be organised by involving more parents(as tecahers cannot do it alone) and teachers(preferably Friday afternoon /something like that so that working parents can take a day/half day off ...), it would be better. This event should mainly focus on how to make friends, how to be a good sport, and also how to ask for help etc... Also teachers can identify students in their classroom who may need help and partner them with someone who may have common interests. Unfortunately, I do not any ideas for any specific activity, but i believe that tecahers may have better ideas.

angie gaul

I love the idea of involving the staff, parents, and community, even if it is only a small part of the event. I agree that it would be good for the students to see how adults work together. It would also give the adults a chance to work with someone they might not otherwise have met.

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