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Cathy Nelson

Doesn't that come with the territory? No matter what or where, you can never satisfy all of the people all of the time. Stress can bring out the worst in folks too, and the beginning of school nurtures that stressed feeling--and teachers in my experience love to commiserate. So they had a pity party. At least you have decided on an action plan to address an issue you have clearly defined as a potential problem. Kudos for that. I commend you for sharing--not everyone would. As I brainstorm for solutions (and who am I but a mere teacher-librarian) perhaps at the next faculty meeting, you can have them get in small groups to do an exit slip of sorts, that allows teachers to list ah-ha moments, concerns, and solutions for expressed concerns. That will let the f/s know you are there and you want to know how to make things better. It also will make them feel like a stakeholder. It's just an idea though, and i am in no way qualified to make recommendations to a principal (except 22 years of experience.) Best of luck. I enjoy reading your blog.


It's a small burp in the road, and I think we are worlds away from adversarial relationships between teachers and administrators. Our campus is as phenomenal as it is because you and AK and AL and MC started it. We all keep it going together. None of us are immune from bad days, speed bumps, senior moments, hormones, viruses, or the invasion of flesh eating locusts. Wanting to do something about it is 99.7% of the solution. But, remember, it is all about balance.

Marie Coleman

I've long admired your introspection and self-responsibility about school-wide concerns and issues. It is difficult to acknowledge other's realities, but you strive to do that in many ways. That said, there will always be times when your 110% will not be enough in other's perceptions. Your ability to "get the job done" will continue to happen because of your abilities to not only recognize other's realities and to modify, as appropriate, but to also take those "baby steps" towards the vision - which some may not see!

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