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I'm an older learner, still happiest in a face to face relationship.

But increasingly, it's the acquaintances that I've made online who are the ones I hope to meet and greet in person.

As the only Librarian in my district, and one of only a handful of K-12 Librarians in our BOCES, I would have few opportunities for professional interaction in my region. I now have literally hundreds of members in my Personal Learning Network via Google Reader and Twitter.

My knowledge of technology is growing daily, mainly due to the efforts of my online mentors, coaches, and fellow teachers.

I can't imagine being cut off from this enriched environment.

If you professors aren't conveying this sense of connectedness and collegiality, they are doing their students and themselves a grave disservice.



What university are you getting your doctorate through? It sounds interesting!


Ooooohh... great analogy with the microwave and the car! Also very insightful.

Dana Huff

Amen, amen, amen. First, let me say I love to see a principal blogging. Second, I have to say that you are dead-on about using technology as a tool. I become very frustrated with colleagues who see it as an unnecessary and totally optional add-on. One need only read The World is Flat to see which way the wind is blowing, and if we ignore technology, we are crippling our students. You are going in my blogroll!

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