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Cathy Nelson

LOL I'm still here in the reader. No guilt for not blogging--i take spells where either I have too much else going on or nothing really inspiring to write about (and I don't want to bellyache there.) Sometimes nothing said is said best with nothing.

Tammy Gillmore

Yes, ma'am. Life if crazy!

In the fever of change...maybe we should ask for a 8-day week and a 26-hour day!


I'm here, too! Like you, I "think" more postings than I actually write. That's life right now. Maybe when I retire...


The thing about education blogging is that the times when you have the most material are also when you have the least blog-time available. It's a problem.

The Gilch

It's that darn RSS feed, you can't shake us now. If it makes you feel any better, I have at least a dozen unpublished posts in my blog, and I added one more to the madness last night. Nicole was right- when you're busiest, that's when the most things come up to write about, but you can't get the time to log in and do it. Or, you get so wiped out you just can't summon the energy.

Jeanette Johnson

Wow, it feels great to know I haven't been 100% abandoned (you're right, Carey - it's all in the RSS). And yep, Nicole's right too - being busy gives you such good stuff to write and talk and think about, but no time to do it! Argh!

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