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Kevin Hodgson

I love this quote:

"Indeed, one of my goals as a leader for this year is to work to engage more of our staff in developing their own digital PLNs - because seeing the value this can bring to them as learners is, I think, the single most important thing that can lead to their understanding of how digital technologies can help the learners they work with in their classes every single day."

If you could spread that message across your own administrative learning communities, it would make a world of change in how supportive teachers feel as they dip their toes into the water.

I was at a recent literacy meeting in our district, as we are set to launch a two-year Literacy Initiative, and I was the only teacher who brought up technology, multiple media platforms, and ways to engage students with technology integration. They all looked at me as if I were speaking some foreign language.

Perhaps, though, if the other teachers were enouraged as you suggest, it might make some difference over time.

Thanks for your post.


Jeanette Johnson

Thanks for your comment, Kevin. I can understand your frustration at the experience you had in your literacy meeting - I've had that same feeling when I've made suggestions at administrators' meetings, or in some of my doctoral cohort classes - first you get that "speaking a foreign language" look, then you get the "oh, there goes the tech geek" dismissal. I think that's why I really want to see some more digital PLN's at least among our staff (and I won't stop at the leaders' level, either!) - because you're right, the more people who get this, the more they will support each other, which will build momentum over time. Thanks for your encouragement.

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