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Tom Hoffman

In Google Reader, at least, I'm not getting the name of each post's author, which makes a group blog kind of unreadable.

Scott McLeod

Thanks for letting us know, Tom. I'll see if there's anything we can do on that front...

Chris Lehmann

FYI, it's true in NetNewsWire as well.

Scott McLeod

I heard back from TypePad. The only way to fix this is to convert the blog into an Advanced Template. Since I'm not really a programmer, I'm not sure I'm quite ready to do this. I'll play around with a dummy blog for a while and see what I gain/lose by changing over. Thanks again to everyone for pointing this out as an issue...

Chris Prout

I am having difficulty receiving the feed using Thunderbird. It tells me that the feed above is not a valid feed. Any suggestions?
Chris Prout


Is there a feed for the comments, as well? I know you can do that in blogger.

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