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Joe Poletti


I just posted a similar entry at Haulin' 'Net. A school was able to sell thousands of candy bars to acquire a laptop cart.

Although I applaud their drive, I can't help but think there has got to be a better, healthier way to fund educational resources.

I'm neither a fatalist nor an alarmist, but how can I keep from thinking Digital Divide issues here?

Joe Poletti

Tom Hoffman

You know, you still need to get the author of each post in the RSS feed...

Scott McLeod

Tom, I know. See


Chris Lehmann

I think we can all try to remember to sign our posts at the end...

But to speak to Tim's point... we've only got 110 families this year, many of whom are low-income. We've just launched our first raffle, we run a school store staffed by parents, and we apply for as many grants as we can find. But I agree, I worry a LOT about sustainability of fundraising this way. How many programs can I count on finding money for? I love that you got the AmeriCORPS position funded that way. We're going to have a position next year, and our partner museum is funding it year one. I don't like having multiple programs that are dependent on such variable funding streams.

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