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Kimberly Moritz

Dave, I have felt much the same way about blogging as you describe so perfectly in this post. Unlike you, this is my first experience with the power of writing. It was a surprise to me to find out how much the writing process clarifies my thinking. And like you, I learn more now than ever before in my career from what I'm reading elsewhere and from comments to my own blog. We have a snow day today and the first thing I thought was, "I'll be able to really think about everything I read in bloglines this morning, not just hurry through it." Great post--Kimberly

Marion Ginopolis

Your post (and your wonderful school website) are excellent examples of school administrators using the technology tools and applications that we want teachers to be using in classrooms. What better way to support teachers' use than modeling? This certainly supports what I wrote in my post (preceding this one) about administrators participating in online courses so that they model what is expected of and, in Michigan, required of students. Also, just to let you know, in some of the Web 2.0 presentations that our program team makes in Michigan, we show your website as an example of what principals can and should be doing.

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