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Jan Borelli

Great post... it really got me thinking.

I am in Anaheim at the ASCD Annual Convention. Today I heard a wonderful presentation by Gary Bloom, Associate Director of the Principal Induction Program of the New Teacher Center at University of California Santa Cruz. His presentation was on Quality Induction Programs for Novice Principals.

Let me just say that most of us experienced principals didn't have induction programs, and we know of many of our colleagues along the way who also didn't have induction programs and didn't "live" through the experiences of our early careers.

I cannot understand why there are so few principal induction programs when the research is quite clear about the importance of the principal to total school quality.

I am going to go through NAESP's PALs program in May because a recent survey I did of our principals in the Oklahoma City Public Schools reveals that 56% of the current principals plan to retire or leave their current positions within the next five years. Gary Bloom also indicated that this was a national trend.

I hope we will begin addressing this need...

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