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Scott Elias

You're a little bit crazy. But you'll love it! Congrats and good luck.


When I told a group of my colleagues that I was taking school admin courses, one of them replied, "Oh, you want to become one of THEM."

Others were a lot more supportive. Congratulations on getting your first admin job; I'm looking forward to that day.

Dave Sherman

Congrats, and welcome to the club! The only advice I want to give you as you start your new journey is to learn and understand as much about the history of the school as you can. This will help you to understand why certain policies and procedures are in place before you feel the need to make big changes.
Good Luck!

pete reilly

Congratulations! Getting the position is a wonderful step. I invite you to use this opportunity to begin the "leaders journey". There is a difference between being an administrator and being a leader. In this difference is the key to the future of our children's education.
In gratitude for your service to children,

Shawna Martin

Congrats! It's great to hear such enthusiasm about embarking on your journey as an administrative leader.

Don't be discouraged by people who take an us v. them attitude toward administrators. Much of that comes from experiences that you didn't foster. My own mother, who was a teacher for 35 years, never thought she would meet an administrator she could ever trust. When I moved into administration a few years after her death, I knew she was just spinning in her grave!

In my school community our leadership team strives to always remember that we are support staff to the classroom teachers and the classroom experience. Our job is make sure that they can do the work they need to do in the best way they can. When folks start to think in us v. them terms it's a reminder that we haven't been making sure that there is a deep and clear connection between what we do as administrators and how it supports the student in the classroom.

Have a great leadership journey!

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