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You have created your own personal vision.

Print out your list of ten. When you become a principal put it on your bulletin board. Share the list with your teachers and parents. Make it public.

Read it in the morning before school starts to help you focus for the day. Read the list when you are frustrated with your job to remember why you are there.

Your vision and day to day optimism will inspire others. Some teachers or other administrators will try to drag you down with negativity, but when they do, read your list and keeping moving forward.

Kimberly Moritz

For the record, being a principal is 100% better than being an assistant principal, in every way.

brian saxton

I didn't even realize that I was heading in the direction of my own personal vision. That is an excellent byproduct of this project. I will do just what you said. I am printing it out as we speak.
Kim, I am glad to hear that being a principal is better. All the more reason to anticipate a move.

Neil Rochelle

As a superintendent that would celebrate all those flags, you have a dream, you have mapped out your vision, obviously have the determination and now it's time to spread your gift. We need more professionals like you in leadership positions. Start packing! You're on the move.

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