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Peter Rock


I guess I shouldn’t admit to this, but that is the number of e-mails in my school e-mail account in-box."

I hear some folks in the White House can take care of that for you. ;)

Chris Lehmann

I'm at 297, only because I try to spend time every two weeks filing. If it weren't for Mac's really good search function, I'd be dead.

And yes, Leadership by Walking Around is my favorite method too. I got to watch ten minutes of a Shakespearean insult fest as an intro into Hamlet. I saw an Engineering class building bridges, and I saw a continuing conversation about IM-speak and the (somewhat scary) evolution of language in a tech class.

We do have the best jobs in the world.

Dave Sherman

I also am very interested in the MBWA concept of leading a school. I wrote a pst on my blog about this topic a while back:

When I Googled the topic, I was impressed with all the information out there, and I included some links in my post.
- Dave

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