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Kelly Christopherson

I really appreciate the idea of being honest. One thing that I am trying to get parents and students to see is that my office, the office of the principal, shouldn't be a scary place where punishment is doled out for crimes committed but, instead, a place where we work at finding solutions and learn to make better choices. Without making mistakes, we don't learn. As an administrator, I try to lead by example, admitting that, yes, I've made a mistake but I'll learn from it and work at not doing it again. The one thing I would appreciate more than anything is for a student to come in, admit the mistake, take responsibility for it and then, instead of me dealing out a consequence, us working together to build on this learning experience. Unfortunately, that rarely happens. Human nature I guess. I don't know. But, I continue to hope that, by being willing to admit that I, as leader of the school, can admit my mistakes, that others will see this not as a weakness but as a way of growing stronger through change. Besides, I tried being perfect but that fell apart just after I got out of bed and it was too hard to start over;)

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