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Thanks for the fantastic idea. Do you use a Student Information System to generate any of your data? We do, and I was wondering if we could set this up to appear on the opening screen as our staff members login. I can see how being made aware of the actual data would eliminate several areas of speculation. Also, when we are more aware of the actual numbers on a consistent basis, real change can be made.

There is a big difference between seeing the data immediately then only seeing it when something is awry.


We have been fighting a big problem with tardiness and I think posting the information on a daily basis would be a great idea.
As I viewed your dashboard and survey I noted all the information was pretty positive...Not sure about how to handle negative stats...

Greg Farr

Yes, we use Skyward, PAC, School Management Systems. We are moving into a new software "warehousing" software (in addition to Skyward) this summer. It includes "built-in" dashboards that I'm anxious to test drive. I'm sure I'll post about it at some point, but I want to actually use it before I mention it...

Actually, posting negative stats is one of the BEST aspects of using a dashboard. It immediately communicates an open honesty about your administration. More beneficially, it creates dialogue and focus. If you can harness the "negative" press and steer it into discussions of change and improvement, you'll be amazed at the sense of purpose it energizes your staff with. Everytime we hit the RED ZONE in any indicator, it generates a healthy concern and immediate discussion with staff of how to improve and turn the situation around. Go ahead and post it...the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly...it will eventually help turn things around.

If you or Patrick (or anyone else)would like to continue the discussion about dashboards, please email me:


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