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Joe what a surprise to find my post the subject of your post. I just returned from a weekend camping trip and was catching up on my reading.
I was somewhat disconcerted to have gotten no conversation out of my questions so I am truly grateful for your post and you encouragement.
I like what you are suggesting and I see a great value in bringing the conversation to the stakeholders. I think you also have some solid ideas on vehicles for that conversation.
One reason I posted the questions here was because I think the conversation has to happen at ALL levels.
Because our school and staff are in early stages of adoption I also need some of my peers to help collaborate with me...to start the process with some preliminary models until... As you said:
"At some point, the transformation must occur. The locus must shift from the principal. All teachers, properly trained and equipped, would constantly have to be asking questions (like above) and seeking answers in a public way just as the principal does."

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