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pete reilly

It is important for leaders to create powerful narratives that inspire others to their own greatness.

"What's in a Story"


Spot on,

Dave Sherman

We have found that our students are very motivated to tell their own stories through the use of software programs like PhotoStory 3 (a Microsoft product). They can incorporate stories they have written with digital pictures to create a "photo montage" with text, voice over, and pictures. Some programs, like Apple's iMovie and iDVD let you incorporate video as well. Our students are creating some terrific projects this way, and then publishing them on the internet for all to see and hear. I think this the beginning of a new age of storytelling.

Kelly Christopherson

Storytelling is very important for a staff and for students. When I became the administrator at my current position, I asked the staff to tell me stories by asking them to tell me one good thing that went on in their life since the last staff meeting. Now, all staff meetings begin with Best Things. Sometimes it's hard but it has had the staff focus on the positive in their lives and the life of the school. I also asked staff to tell me how things were done, how they felt about this and other such things. Listening to these stories helped me build relationship and understand where they had been as a group. Now, in my third year, we are starting to tell our own stories. As for the students, we are slowly using things like podcasts and MovieMaker to have students tell their stories. The time has arrived for all of us to tell our stories and children love to tell their stories. I wasn't always a listener but I've worked hard to develop that and listen to the stories of the students, parents and staff. It is through these stories that we, as administrators, can find the grains of sand that will eventually become of the pearls of tomorrow.

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