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A. Mercer

Sorry it took me a while to find this post Scott, I thought it would be on Dangerously Irrelevent and I don't normally visit, post here since it's the "principal's" lounge. Since you invited me I'll share my thoughts. I think you've made some excellent points, and I don't know why you expected me to argue with you about the general gist of your argument since most of my posts and discussion with you have pointed out how my state (California) has made it much harder on itself than it needed to. In fact when our union local (located in the state capital) was discussing the problems with NCLB and our plan of action as a state union to have it revise, I pointed out the many ways that California had shot itself in the foot with regards to NCLB compliance. It was embarrassing that with all of our political "clout" in state politics, a bill to revise the state standards (which would effect NCLB compliance, etc. DIED with a democratic majority in the legislature.

There is a reasonable argument though to be made for revising at the national level.

1. The ELL provisions are crippling for states with a large, ongoing influx of immigrants. You concede that point, but it's incredibly painful in a state like California.

2. The situation is a political stand-off with no one wanting to "relax" the standards for fear of being labeled soft on education. State politicians, at least in my state, need to cover of NCLB being loosened to comfortably be able to make the necessary changes at the state level. This may not be pleasant, but I can see how this is a political reality.

I'm still pushing and will likely be working on this issue at the state level this summer, so when you hear me whine about NCLB this is what I'm doing:

1. I believe there does need to be assessment, and I also work diligently to improve my students. While I may moan about my parents and students, I don't let that stop me from trying my best, and trying to make my students do their best.

2. I try to point out specific problems with the law and its implementation, and assign blame to my state, where it is due. I'm also willing and will work at my state level to change things.

Thanks Scott, sorry if this wasn’t the rant you were looking for. I’ll try better next time.

A. Mercer

Ugh, I hate seeing typos after the fact. That would be having NCLB revised, not revise, and affect, not effect NCLB compliance. Sorry for the sloppiness.

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