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Glenn E. Malone

This is great news!...on another note Google had a huge announcement today as well.


Many conservatives I know don't trust the model of the schools assessing their own. Hopefully, though, they will be in the minority. This is interesting news, and I will be following it and following up with a post on my own blog. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Steve Poling

HA! That is very funny! Good job, Chris:)

Joe Poletti

I have read the embargoed copy...and am shaking my head in absolute wonder.

I do believe changes are ahead for NCLB, but not on this the first day of April.

Look for much better NCLB news in about 2 years.


Ha ha...good thing I didn't post this one yet.

Tim Lauer

Well, it's evening on the west coast, and I have to say this is the best one I've seen today... I'll email it to myself and print it with Google Paper...

Brad Davis

Great POAX -
What really hits home, for me, is the importance of teaching website validation skills to our kids. I think a great lesson would be to come up with stories like this one and have the kids decide which one is valid. If it's hard for us to spot fraud immediately, it is really hard for our kids who have grown up trusting the web without question.


Peter Rock

I heard there was a prize for spotting the "hidden message" in this post. Check out the first letter of each paragraph.

What's my prize? :)

Scott McLeod

Okay, Peter, you're the winner. Nice work! Send me an e-mail (mcleod@umn.edu) and we'll start talking about what a good prize for you might be!

Chris Lehmann

I'm just glad I spelled it correctly.


How are we as parents supposed to trust the educational system? When teachers are fixing tests to make their students pass exams due to the “No Child Left Behind” mandate. This is ridiculous. Maybe they should reevaluate NCLB?? Check out dailycents.com at

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