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Tom Hoffman

In the future, instead of using proprietary software like Filemaker, educators will use free software to make tools like Alan describes, so they can be easily distributed, reused, modified and improved by other educators around the world.

Tim Lauer

Great article and for me, very timely. Thanks! Could you please share your Filemaker Template?

Kelly Christopherson

I would just like to ditto Tim's remarks. We've been using the walkthrough for a year and the database sounds like a wonderful thing to help bring things together.

Kimberly Moritz

It's been my intention to do walkthroughs in this way every year of my seven in admin. Thank you for reminding me, showing me it does work with commitment, and lighting a fire to make it happen now--or at least next year.

Chris Lehmann

I try to get into every teacher's classroom no less than every other day. Most days, I'm at least able to pull a "check-in" every day. (Hey, I've got eight teachers this year. I'd be remiss if I didn't do it!)

Most weeks, I'm in every class for at least three minutes more than once. For me, it's one more reason for small schools, because even at our largest, we'll only be about 20-25 teachers.

And how about using a Palm / handheld database to record information quickly?


I have ordered the handhelds for next year. I look forward to seeing if they can help.

If you would like a copy of the template that I use, please email me directly. It will be easier to send it as an attachment, then to post on the web.

Thank you for the positive comments.

Alan Knobloch

Barbara Barreda

I currently have a data base program for my Palm that will also generate statistics. When i first got it I loved it but was not ready to use it so now thanks to this post it will come out of moth balls. I recieved it for free at a seminar but I will check out the software and its availability and post again.

John Tenny, Ph.D.

You might want to check out eCOVE Classroom Observation Toolkit software (laptop and PDA). It's a set of timers and counters that record objective data (not a checklist or likert scale), and works great in walk-throughs. I wrote it after failing retirement and it's based on 25 years of observing classrooms. Info and my blog is at www.ecove.net

Brad Toohill
Joe Myerson II

And the purpose of walk-throughs is what? Seriously. I know every "good" Principal should do walk-throughs frequently. However, what if you were in a restaurant and the manager was hovering over the waiter while he/she described the wines the establishment offered? I would get offended. Yes, me as a customer.
What if you were in a hospital and the nurse was taking your blood pressure. You assume the nurse knows her job, so there would be no need for a supervisor to stand there with a clipboard or a silly palm pilot and record her every move.
So why then are teachers so untrustworthy?

Kevin Cotter

Check out The Administrtaive Observer. This is a software program that allows an administrator to create high quality staff evaluations, observation summaries, and performance appraisals for any job category. Work on your desktop or use a Palm or Windows Mobile Pocket PC handheld computer for those "walkthrough" observations. Use the Professional Edition to create text or graphic summary reports to make data driven decisions for your district.

Wendy Zdeb

I have also been doing walkthroughs on a regular basis and I record info as well. I use index cards to jot down the curriculum standards being covered and teacher decision points. Carolyn Downey emphasized not giving feedback after each visit so that teachers were not reliant on your opinions. She advised that you ask reflective questions...why did you feel the need to give feedback rather than just pose questions?

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