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Stephanie Sandifer

Greg --

This is a great post that makes your point in a very clear and fun manner. I think I'll be sharing this with all of my first year teachers from now on.

I've also noticed the "trend" that you mentioned in the post and I was just thinking about it this morning before I read your post. Some of our new teachers just seem to take things so seriously and they can't seem to comprehend the simple fact that students do respond positively to appropriate humor. In fact, a sense of humor usually goes much farther than "a crack of the whip."


Kimberly Moritz

Excellent post, totally agree, thanks for the reminder!

Reggie Engebritson

This was good for some laughs at the end of a long day. Thanks for the post. You are so right that we need to remember to lighten up every once in awhile and not take everything so seriously.

brian saxton

How right you are. Especially at this time of the year, the more humor the better.

Cara Koen

Humor is what saves us at the end of the day. It actually helps me make it through the day. What a boring world this would be without it. Thanks for sharing.

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