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Dave Sherman

It seems to me as if you already have it figured out. I believe that parents, teachers, and others will respect you more when you put family first. Taking care of a sick child is important work, and you did the right thing. It's not like you were out at the beach, soaking up rays. I also have found that it makes it easier on a marriage when both parents take responsibility for child care! As you start to interview for principal positions, do not be afraid to state that family is your first priority as long as you understand that your teachers will have the same beliefs. Treat them the way you want your boss to treat you, and as long as you do not take advantage, you will be respected for it.

brian saxton

Thanks Dave. I agree that showing staff that your family comes first and then respecting them when they show you that goes a long way.

Jason Bednar

This is my first year as an elementary principal and this balance has been one of the most elusive concepts in my world. It's actually been harder to find than additional funding to acquire needed interventions. Brian, I would tell you not to feel guilty. My kids get sick and I need to be there for them. I've done more promoting of this to my staff than I have applied to myself, but I am working on that. Good luck with your efforts. We're human too.

Scott Elias

Brian -

It comes with the territory! I've had the good fortune to work as an AP for two principals who put THEIR families first and have been amazingly understanding.

When our daughter was born a month early the DAY BEFORE STATE TESTING STARTED, I had to make that call to my principal from just outside the delivery room. Life always seems to go on without us at school, though, doesn't it?

And, don't be afraid to take a random Tuesday or Wednesday as a "mental health day" once or twice a year. I usually take one after state testing has been finished and things are getting "back to normal."

Roberto Porrata-Doria

You are overdue as a principal. Five years as an AP? Wao! You are more than ready. Actually, you were ready after your second year. Your job must be ... well, getting boring for you. Right? Then, ... take a couple of days off. You deserve them!

brian saxton

Thanks for the comments. My intention was not to come across as a whiney overworked administrator. My intetion really was to see if anyone has crossed this bridge, which they have. I appreciate the feedback.

I wouldn't call my job boring, predictable? No, it is still an adventure, but maybe there is a bigger adventure...

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