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Reggie Engebritson

This brought tears to my eyes. We need to take bullying seriously and make sure we are doing our best to reach out to every student. I'm not familiar with the "drop a note" plan. Is that where each student writes a note to a classmate and then they put it in that box and someone delivers them? If so, how do you ensure each student gets a note. Just curious....

Wesley Fryer

I think the "drop a note" idea has to do with students sharing "put ups" rather than "put downs" with each other, especially with others they know are victims of bullying. I appreciate you sharing this as well, I am going to use it tomorrow in a presentation I'm sharing with 4th graders here in Oklahoma City.

Neil Rochelle

Powerful and a topic our district takes very seriously. Thank you for sharing. I know it will be used and shown to both students and parents.

Scott Elias

Very nicely done! I am sharing it with our teachers as yet another example that YouTube is much more than people lip syncing to 80s pop song, dancing with light sabers, or kicking each other in the crotch. There are little gems out there like this well-produced video.


The drop a note-every student has to drop a note on one side it is a positive thing they saw on the other side it is a area of concern.

The principal can announce each day which class has to get up and drop a note so it does not become a daily event.
Such as rooms 101 302 215 do a PA announcement right after lunch and tell them to fill out the notes and deposit.

Hope this helps. check out the tutorial link

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