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Kelly Christopherson

Completely agree with what you say. If you do not practice candor, then neither will the staff. If you are willing to discuss with others your own weaknesses and resolve to improve, then your example will be followed. It is not easy to have a candid discussion about someone's area of weakness but if they know that you are willing to address such issues and you are the leader, then they are more open to such discussions. I believe that, in the times of change that we are working in, not being candid with people does everyone a disservice. We need to be willing to ask the tough questions and, in the end, listen to the responses. Thanks for your insights.

Neil A. Rochelle

I'm with you Kelly. I have always been one that wears his heart on his sleeve and I'm not ashamed of it. You do run the risk of becoming people's counselor but in some ways, isn't that what we should be about? After years of a sterile environment where adults are not to be questioned (certainly not your colleague), schools are now making "personalizing" a goal. From the classroom to the board room we all know at the core are the 3 R's....Relationships, Relationships, Relationships. It's always in the background and impacts the culture, how we garner support from our building administrators and our communities and parents.
I loved your humor. I have the same thoughts but there are times "my candor" would not be appropriate for print. On a more serious note, my candor is nothing something that has gone unnoticed. Even during the most difficult conversations, I am thanked for my candor. That is when candor is paired with a genuineness and respect. Candor is something that needs to be addressed and my experience is that it is the root of issues that arise in a co-teaching model. If people would only talk to each other.

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