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Jason Bednar

Dave, you obviously know I am in your district and dealing with the same drive towards data. I think my comfort with data analysis is at least part of the reason I was hired for this job. I have been trying to find that balance for teachers that you describe.

For me the conversation tends to revolve around the data as an identifier of need. When we talk about how the data might not match classroom performance, I hope this gives teachers a chance to look again at the student. We have found new strategies for helping kids and I think my staff is growing more comfortable with the use of data. It's a slow process because changing from the artistry perspective is not an easy move. I try to emphasize that it is not a move away as much as an enhancement of that artistry with a focused eye. Does that make sense?

Dave Younce

absolutely - I get where you're coming from. Semantics are very important when it comes to specific questions that teachers may have, and you've provided me with a few nuggets to share. Thanks for your insight!

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