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Karen Janowski

It seems to me that a school/community partnership is needed in this situation. Can knowledgeable volunteers in the community help? How about creating student tech teams to handle some of the technical issues?
How can we tap into resources in creative ways to meet the demands of maintaining the technology as well as effectively integrating it?

pete reilly

Good suggestions for taking care of Carol's immediate issue of overwhelm. There are many things that could be done to get her extra support.

The other issue, however; was Carol, herself. For her to step into her own greatness; she needed to embrace her own accountability, to see her own power to choose her actions rather than living as if she had no choice.


Neil A. Rochelle

What a great friend and mentor you must be. I presented at a conference that "Carol" was responsible for setting coordinating for Superintendents in our region. We were discussing the day and the use of blogs became the conversation. I was telling her about Leaders talk, and she mentioned that she had a friend.....I thought I recognized the name!
That friend is you. Carol is very capable and my impression is that there is often a lack of understanding when leaders find themselves making requests without knowledge of the time and work that will necessitate the change. That's why communication is so important. While I am one of those people that can do a number on myself (my own worst critic), my guess is that if the conversation was, "We need to.........tell me what it will take to make it happen?", Carol (or anyone in this situation) would probably react differently.
This is certainly a small world. And people think cyberspace is so enormous.

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