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Reggie Engebritson

Thanks Scott, for this post. As I have reported in my posts, I am starting my first admin job July 1st and am already working one day a week. I have looked at my new office and tried to figure out how to make it reflect more of me. Even though I am a female, I have little to none decorating ability and so am not really sure where to start.

But, I want it to reflect all the things you talked about - an inviting place to visit, a comfortable place for the long hours I'll spend there and a professional place for the position I will hold. I'm not sure about hanging my certificates and degrees on the wall, either. That would make a good little survey for our LeaderTalk blog - how many admin folks hang their certificates and degrees for all to see?

It is still May and Saturday and my head is full of new ideas and things to do. But I am outside on the deck enjoying the beautiful MN day. Your post gave me some good things to think about. Thank you!


Just a quick, I'm with you on your office decor. You look at the Grand Tetons and I look at an Ansel Adams Photo of Yosemite on one wall and a picture of Yellowstone on the other wall!

Lee Dixon

This is a great post. I love the ones that cover a topic you wouldn't normally find anyplace else.

I took the liberty of sharing all three of your posts from LeaderTalk with my few readers... mainly former colleagues in the Okeechobee County schools.

I've been blogging all year... since retirement... with the aim of mentoring newer administrators and sharing opinions with the veterans... since I retired last June. I'll probably go for a year and hang it up. It's been a great way to unwind from an intense career. We're moving to Gainesville soon to be nearer to family. A new career, probably outside education, awaits. That might give me something else to blog about.

Are you still in south Florida?

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