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brian saxton

Excellent post for aspiring administrators. Sometimes common sense is the first thing to go in the line of fire. We should be writing a book with all of the great stuff that is coming through this blog.

Marion Ginopolis

As my dear ol' daddy used to say, "There's nothing common about common sense." Great post, Greg.

Randy Griffith

Mr. Farr,

I loved this post.

As I am finishing my first year as an assistant principal, at an alternative school\discipline center, I have handled my fair share of discipline issues. I find myself constantly asking myself the question, “What is in the best interest of the student?” I had some great teachers/mentors that instilled that question in me.

With this question in mind, I am handling a discipline situation with a student where my hands are tied. Last week, a student had an illegal weapon (knife) in his car. It was found only because we had our furry little friends on campus.

What is bugging me is that today, I had to expel this student to JJAEP. Was this in his best interest? No. Should he receive a consequence? Yes. I don’t like when I do not have the ability to discipline a student to the extent that I feel it is necessary. This student would probably have graduated by October, but now I do not expect him to graduate at all.

Zero tolerance at its best.

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