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The Science Goddess

I don't think that you should feel bad about moderating or deleting comments which are venomous and anonymous.

Blogs are "public" journals, but I also believe that they are personal spaces. Just as I would expect a guest in my home to behave in a way which respects others and me, a blogger can have a similar expectation about their virtual space.

If people want to spew hate, they can get their own blogs to do so. They don't have to use yours.

Angela Maiers

As a new blogger, I have been wondering what my reaction would be when or if this happens. It is a challenge to try to be authentic and transparent, knowing that your honesty could ignite reaction. I think it is important to continue "being" and writing what you think and feel despite those not OK with the message. Keep speaking and acting from your gut and remember the mediocre message gets mediocre results.

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