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Jan Borelli

I first read this post yesterday, and I have thought about it for most of a day. I, too, was of the generation where I had school clothes (and Sunday clothes) and play clothes. As a matter of fact, girls had to wear skirts or dresses to school.

I think too often we think of yesterday as the perfect world. I don't think it was. There was blatant racism, offensive practices towards any religion except Christianity (we've made progress here but not near enough), and a lot of other things that we as a country are not proud of. I think that what Will Rogers said it best, "Things aren't as great as they use to be... and they never were."

Now, you cited some offensive t-shirts and irresponsible custodians; and I think every one of us can also cite some pretty awful examples. I have to admit that my own son goes to high school wearing tshirts that say "You don't look as good as you did on MYSPACE" and "I can ignore you for as long as it takes" and other slogans. In fact, I bought these for him. They made me laugh. I don't want to become the poster principal for defending tshirt slogans; but to be frank, it's just a clothing fad.

I try to maintain my sense of humor in my practice of education. And, I am probably a lot looser in my interpretation of things since I am a grown up hippie. Just my take on it.

Kelly Christopherson

I understand the angst about what a t-shirt is saying. However, for the most part, I'm not about to die on that hill when there are too many others that will need my full energy.
Our school has a clothing policy that was developed with parents but obviously not everyone reads it in the handbook or they don't care because I always have difficulty with two things - liquor and spaghetti straps. Today I actually had a 10th grader show up to write her exam in a bathing halter-top. She was going swimming after the exam! The more I do this, the more I wonder if it's the parents, the kids or is it us. Are we just too overzealous in some areas? Don't know but on some days, I get a chuckle out of what some of the shirts say. I smile and move on. It's a small hill.

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