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Tracy Weeks

As a fairly new parent, I have been thinking about this exact question as it relates to what my 18 month old will need to be able to do in 20 years. You are right that learning the process is more important than learning the product - and even more important, being able to communicate the process to someone else!

Emil Harden

I think we tangle ourselves up too much when we look at a 5 year old and wonder how we prepare them for being 21 years old. I think the real question is how do we best prepare a 5 year old to be 6 years old? Do we give them the pre-academic and social skills needed to engage in the increasing demands of being a first grader? If so, then we've done an awesome job...and we hope each succeeding year is just as successful. If each grade just stays focused on their role, by the time these kids leave school, they will have all the skills they need to enter adulthood with ease.

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