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Nice explanation, Tim. I didn't know about superimposing city data on top. I just did something similar today for Catlin Gabel's bus routes (http://kassblog.com/index.php?itemid=431). I notice on your screen shot that you have eliminated placemark labels. Can you tell me how? The labels are obstructing our view of the dots. I used Eath's import this time instead of Batch GeoCode, because it correctly resolved more of our addresses this time.

Tim Lauer

Hi Richard,
Thanks for the comments. As for the placemark labels, I think it is a function of the Batchgeocoder site. I experimented with the Google Earth import and noticed that Google Earth added the placemark labels. The same data brought in with the Batchgeocoder does not do this, but I do end up with placemarks that expose the labels as you mouse over. I think it has to do with tag in the KML markup, but am not sure...

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