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Melinda Miller

I just started creating and administrative wiki for the same things! So far I am just in the playing around stage so it is not public. I use google documents with my secretary and google calendars. They seem to really like google calendars. Thanks for the great ideas.

Kern Kelley

I've been pushing the Google App suite (Docs, calendar, Groups, Reader) for all of my staff, and everyone who's used it loves it. The best part, one login to access all of it. :)

Tracy Weeks

What wiki product are you using for this. Looks very impressive.

Miguel Guhlin

Thanks for the feedback. While Google has some interesting tools for us to use, one of the challenges any organization (or person) faces is giving control of documents to another organization.

So, while I find myself reluctant to use Google--which by the way, Google Images is blocked, what would happen if Google Docs were suddenly blocked?--to share district stuff, I don't have a problem setting up a wiki to accomplish that.

Which wiki am I using? We tried MediaWiki but found that it had to be updated frequently to prevent spam and attacks. Sitting in a workshop with David Warlick, I found myself noticing what wiki tool he's using...PMWiki. It's easy wiki text to use (exclamation marks, single quotes, and asterisks to denote heading levels, italics/bold, and bullet points, respectively) and customize.

I have to admit that one of my team, the incomparable Tonya Mills (tmills@saisd.net) did the work of customizing the CSS. I have also added "cookbook" solutions that are freely available. Let me be honest, these were not difficult additions to make, require no back end MySQL database...


If you like, I can make my particular custom version of PMWiki available for download. In the meantime, here are some resources I shared:

Hoping this is helpful,
Miguel Guhlin

Scott McLeod

I suggest Wikispaces instead of PMWiki. It allows you to use formatting buttons like your word processor instead of having to do special 'wiki code.' Jot.com also does this if it ever reopens...

Miguel Guhlin

Actually, in a school district setting where protecting the confidentiality of a wiki is critical, being able to have "MS Word"-like editing of table, I would recommend using the built-in wiki in Moodle.

PMWiki is for geeks unless it's managed by a techie, Wikispaces puts your content "out there" beyond your control, but a Moodle wiki gives you the benefits of a GUI editor, control over readers, and more.

Miguel Guhlin

Scott McLeod

Actually, wikispaces pages can be locked down behind a password and allow control over readers / editors. That said, Miguel's point is important: different tools for different purposes. Choose the one that's right for what you're trying to do...

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