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The web page... the school's web page (or lack of one) is a big indication of the use/integration of technology, the school kudos (what are they bragging about), the percentage of kids who request a special transfer to the school, the way it looks from the road (does it look like anyone inside cares) or is it an overgrown and weedy mess, response rate (when you call to get information does anyone get back in touch?), friendliness (are you welcomed?), the PTA numbers. A great school despite its social economic status will stand out in the field if the above mentioned things are present.


This is a good question and one worth taking time to consider and answer. One aspect howeevr that is mentioned above gives me pause.
"I'd want information about the school facility (e.g. age, square footage per student, amenities, etc.)."
This strikes me as SES information....as does Jan's comment about curb appeal..don't get me wrong ..taking care of a facility is important however...
I would think that how the school utlizes what they have is much more important than square footage. How do students learn, what do students learn, how is assesemnt used..these are the cormestone questions.
If we provide a healthy safe enviorment then age and square footage are not issues which are central to student learning.

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