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Wow...thanks so much. I can hardly wait to give these ideas to my teachers. They are going to be grooving.

Dave Sherman

I have seen teachers use Wikis in their classrooms with much success. But, I have been struggling with ways to use Wikis as an elementary school principal. Any new and different ideas would be great.

Also, I agree that PhotoStory 3 is a fine program, and we use it a lot in our school. I just started playing around with VoiceThread. This is a very easy application for kids to use, and their projects can be sent in a link embedded in an email. My 10 year old daughter made a very nice Voice Thread of our summer vacation in about 20 minutes with minimal assistance from me. Check it out: http://voicethread.com/

Scott McLeod

Dave, if you have any kind of collaborative document creation (e.g., committees to create or revise a policy) or need feedback on something (e.g., student/teacher/parent input on some issue), a wiki can be a great way to do that without clogging up folks' e-mail inboxes or requiring passwords (e.g., Google Docs).

Wanna be bold? Try this... Create a wikispaces page that says 'Suggestions for our school' and then send everyone (parents, students, teachers, staff, others) the URL. Tell them to click on Edit, type, then Save. Also tell them to keep it clean, civil, and helpful. Watch what happens and tell us about it in a future post!

Russel Tarr

Another site you may find useful is classtools.net, which has lots of Flash templates which allows students and teachers to create interactive games, venn diagrams, Fishbone (Ishikawa) Diagrams and so on - and save them for sharing / later editing!


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