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When I began working in my current district, our Mission and Ministry day (non-educational motivational speaker discusses the spirit, soul of teaching) was at the end of September. I enjoyed this reminder. It came just as the "busy"-ness of the school year took over and the reason why I was a teacher was getting lost.

Then, it was changed to the one of the days at the start of the school year. I think this was done because there was a certain speaker that was only free during that time. Now we follow the universal model of motivating at the beginning of the year. I agree, it is not a time many of my colleagues need motivating. It is nice to have a celebration that sends us all out, a blessing for the new year, but a midyear follow up is needed.

Kelly Christopherson

That would be a good time for a bit of a refresher. Having taught in Catholic schools for a number of years, I know that the beginning of the year commissioning and blessing is important. However, I think that this could be done without the need for an all day procedure.

I've often wondered about the timing of many of the days that educators get PD. They don't seem to be when teachers might benefit from them the most but, instead, when they are convenient for one reason or another.

I also believe that we can do a great deal for ourselves without an "expert" motivational speaker. Our greatest strength lies within us!

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