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Yes, I agree that reading is a key to getting started. We can not even embrace just-in-time learning if we do not know what we need to learn.
I tried at the beginning of last year to introduce my staff to blogs and RSS but I asked for too much to soon. They had trouble blogging one because of the technology but more to the point because they did not believe they had anything of value to say. So I concentrated on developing knowledge by requiring reading. We started each weekly meeting with a round table on what we had read on the educational blogosphere and by years end I was able to be quiet and let them do the teaching.
This year we are going to podcast our discussions and maybe we can start writing???
I also echo the difficulty of the interview process. In the is area we need Scott and other forward thinkers to help us with teacher preparation. There is an encouraging post on Will's site about changes at the university level!

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