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Hang in there Jan, I'm sixty-two. You are not "old guard." Possibly "middle guard."

I've enjoyed your posts. Hope these "front guard" digital natives lighten up on you! :-)

Scott McLeod

Jan, if there weren't automated spambots, we wouldn't need the codes. I don't mind deleting the jerks, but I can't spend half an hour each day sifting through fake hot stock tips, erectile dysfunction ads, and phishing schemes. Sorry.

Tracy Rosen

Don't feel bad, Jan. I'm part of the slightly younger 'guard' at 39 and have to take a couple of tries at it myself sometimes!


I use a custom WordPress blog and have installed the Akismet spam blocker. It is nearly flawless, and my readers don't have to type in a code two or three times before they get their comment posted. As a blogger, I want as little as possible in between my readers and their ability to leave a comment. Sometimes, the word code gets in the way of that.

Just my 2/5 of a nickel.

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