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I am thinking that while Moodle would work and be rich in features it also has a learning curve. What about building a wiki. It seems to fit your purpose pretty well. You can organize the content easily and the build a table of contents which will allow people to easily access the topics they need. It will keep you from reinventing the wheel next year because all of this years PD will be at your finger tips and you can easily invite others to add their expertise.
Good luck! Once you get it going it could be a great resource for everyone because you are dealing with important issues.

Reggie Engebritson

Thanks, Barbara, for the suggestion. I appreciate it!

Kristian Still

I would support Barbara's suggestion.

Planning, asyncronous discussions.... but you can also create a blog from which they can received an automated feed.

or perhaps a network? Take a look at Ning.

Reggie Engebritson

Thanks Kristian! I appreciate the feedback.

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