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Robert Lippert

Your call to pay attention to HOW teachers do what they do, especially as regards their attitude, is important. And the other half of how - their pedagogy - is just as important, but more neglected.

I'm still smarting from my eighth-grade daughter asking me to help her with math homework on volume of a rectangular solid last week. When I asked her what volume is, she replied, "um, height?" My heart sank as I realized she has had years of memorizing to pass standardized tests, and has come out with no conceptual understanding.

Angela Maiers

Matt, This is a reminder to us all that learning is ruled by the heart first and the brain next. Conversations about "where" learning takes place are often overshadowed or absent from the traditional focus on "what" is being taught. You help us not to forget that it is not what we teach that ultimately transforms. Thank you.

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