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Tracy Rosen

I agree - a lot of the day-to-day business of education has become how to keep students from using their technology in school.

2 years ago I worked at a school where cell phones were constantly being confiscated and students were so wrapped up in the issue that it often eclipsed learning.

I second your final paragraph, Terry. What if, instead of trying to ban technologies like cell phones and ipods, we tried to employ them in learning?

Have you seen Pay Attention? It addresses the issues you raise here.

Here is an article that was cited in the video:
What Can You Learn From A CellPhone? – Almost Anything! by Marc Prensky (2004)

Dave Sherman

What a joy it is to read this from a superintendent! Too many supers are so worried about their public image or their need to answer to all of the individual board members, that they are frozen with fear to try new and innovative things. They are unwilling to take risks.

I am fortunate to work for a superintendent who would agree with you. Unfortunately, you two are in a very small minority.

Dan McGuire

The reason technology is a "problem" in many classrooms is that there is not enough meaningful use of technology happening in the learning. The tools are just too cool not to use. Our job as educators is to be masters of 21st Century literacy tools, not marshals preventing their use.

Joe Zakko

i don't get the iPod thing. you mean they check the digitized recordings before the test? because what's the difference between that and asking a friend who remembers what they said? In my school, the teachers answer questions the day of the exam if it's before the period starts.


This is my theory. If students are able to cheat and use it, they are cheating themselves. If they don't care whether they actuall know what they need to know. Then so be it. When the time comes where they need to know something, they can use the technology (that they obviously know how to use) and get what they need. Also, i-pods help some kids to study and to concentrate. Do i think they should be listening to them during lecture or while the teacher/professor is talking? No, but i don't understand why they can't listen to them while they aren't.


Like all students there will always be the one kid that thinks its funny to misuse this privlage. Why would you let somebody cheat if you no you can prevent it thats just assinine. i believe you should stop giving kids a chance there nothing but trouble the more you give the more they want thats life just like world history.


Yes there will always be kids who find ways to cheat. It doesn't matter how hard you try to stop it. "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." When you ban kids from using something they love, it just makes them want it more. oh ps. World History has NOTHING to do with this.


ok so your saying in world war 2 when we couldnt stop hitler from killing all the jews in the world we should have just joined and said yo whats up i cant beat you so im going to kill jews with you thats a lame exuse for saying to let them cheat yes they will find ways to cheat but at least your trying to prevent it and psh world history has EVERYTHING to do with it


Okay. Whatev. In world war 2...he was a bad guy. Ipods are not bad and not all kids are bad. he is/was. and who says lame? how old are you? 10? Grow up and realize this is the 21 century. not the 19 or 18 or 20th. you are disgusting.


I Really do think that schools should have Technology.


i think ipods should be allowed for use while you're doing classwork because that way the kid might want to do his work and not be bored while doing classwork 'cause i know i am.

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