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Karl Fisch

Definitely a bad connection, since I'm pretty sure I sound like James Earl Jones . . .

And I think you edited out too many of your excellent questions/comments, perhaps if the Kathleen Turneresque quality of your voice had come though you wouldn't have done that.

Thanks for the conversation.

Murem Sharpe

Thanks for using and mentioning Evoca! Since we auto-generate HTML code for every recording you make, you can copy/paste it right into you blog, even if you edit it and return it (via upload) to your Evoca profile. You may also want to add an EvocaMic in-blog recorder so you blog readers can "empower their voices". We all remember our school administrators "telling us like it is" so it would be terrific to hear their actual voices again. You can get the Evoca Browser Mic easily, by clicking on "My Account" (upper right link), then Tools > Evoca Browser Mic. We now also provide recording on Skype, right inside the SKype "client". It's great for long distance and even international interviews and the audio quality is often superb. See: www.evoca.com/skype. Keep talking!


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Scott McLeod

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