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Scott McLeod

Rick, this is fun news. Maybe some ideas from other staffs that are blogging will help yours. See, for example:


I've been using this video to great effect to help educators understand the power of RSS and aggregators:



I started a staff blog this year too! We are using it as a scribe blog to record our faculty meetings, discussions and PD. It seems to be going pretty well with each weeks scribe naming a new scribe for the following week.
I am curious if you have made your staff blog public. I am thinking of going that route. One reason is so that i can follow it with an RSS feed ..but the other reason is that i think it will help us devlop our voice.


I'll follow up a little later with a url for you to check out. For now, though, we'll keep it in-house until they get a little more comfortable with having their stuff out in public. I'll definitely let you know, though. Thanks for the positive feedback.


It is exciting news!
How can we, as educators, teach and lead students into the future if we are not there ourselves. It is hard, though to make that first foray into the blogging world and trying to find your voice.
Knowing that others will be reading what you write is a little scary to say the least. Taking baby steps is the way to do it and an inviting environment is key.

Good luck!

Angela Maiers

As a new blogger myself, I understand and can appreciate what many teachers are feeling about blogging and technology in general. You remind schools and teachers that we must be lifelong learners. I wish more schools would do what you are doing with your blog. Great stuff!

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