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Well said. This goes back to the adage that just because we have a great tool at our fingertips, doesn't mean we necessarily have to use it for everything. In the past, when I've started to get into an e-mail conversation with somebody about a student, I quickly go to something like, "Hey, this is important, let's sit down in my office and talk about this. I'm available at..."

And I agree so much with your last statement. One of the most important jobs of a teacher is parent communication, and one of our most important jobs is to support and guide them in those efforts.

Kristian Still

I am in agreement with the 'potential' dangers of email, but I disagree with the over riding notion that email is bad, powerful, yes, dangerous, yes. Bad, sorry no.

I do concur that emails should not be 'fired off' without serious consideration for the best and most appropriate mode of communication, but ironically email may be one tool that helps avoid a delay of teachers waiting ‘too long to share a concern.'

I have learnt the perils of parent email, in fact I wish I had been guided rather than having been forced to learn from my mistakes, yet I have found that email enables me to FULLY listen to the speaker and in return be fully heard. To read over my thoughts before they are sent, certainly not an option in a parent conference. Like any tool, email must be used with a skilled hand and I would have welcomed that training as a young teacher.

Scott McLeod

Like paper, e-mail also gives you an archive of your communication. Often helpful when dealing with a troublesome parent (or employee!)...

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