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Kelly Christopherson

I like how you've captured the dicotomy of what it means to be a leader in todays schools. Technology is a wonderful tool that can save us time but, as you state, we must always be aware that it needs to connect us to the people around us. Luckily, I am a principal in a small rural community where meeting with people is still how we do things, most of the time. For me, I would like to begin to technology play a greater role in some areas because it would allow me more time with my family. I would prefer to use technology to meet with other administrators instead of driving for 2 hours for a meeting. It's great to meet f2f but sometimes it would probably be just as efficient to do that meeting with technology.

I always enjoy going into classrooms and I must schedule my time to allow that to happen. Developing relationships with students takes time but the rewards are worth every second!


I couldn't agre with you more!
We are in the "business of people" and we should never lose sight of that. However, and this is a big however, the technology that we bring into our schools and into our lives, the technology that connects us all, is the single most powerful advancement in education to date. I say this because it is changing the way people look at schooling. Of course I am not talking about technology for technology sake and I am not talking about using power point to deliver instruction. When used correctly in the classroom these tools help students connect, create and literally tear down the walls that limit educators in that "40" minute classroom. period.

Tools like wikispaces and blogs and pretty much everything from Google that helps with and changes the way we approach research, helps students to learn the most important lesson which is to identify ways to make information come to them.

One of my teachers create a wiki for her 6th graders to discuss the book the were reading in Language Arts and invited the author to join the discussion. They ended up having a discussion with the author using Skype as a culminating activity. This was such a powerful activity that will stay with these kids for years to come.

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